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Ouroboros: Prelude - Limited Edition


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Trapped in a dungeon where the very darkness seems to writhe. The halls echo with hellish tones. How long has it been since you have been imprisoned? You can scarcely remember why. Starvation and deprivation has begun to rob you of your senses. You just remember red. Everything about this place is red.

Discover why you were imprisoned and find a way out. Be wary, you are not alone in this dark place. You are being watched. You are being hunted. The shadows haunt your every footstep. The evil that lurks here will not allow you to leave. Can you find the answers that are locked away in this labyrinth? Can you find the way out before you lose yourself forever? Or are you doomed to play out the endless cycle of horror over and over and over…? Can you escape this living nightmare?

Game Features:

  • First Person Survival Horror – Experience the horror from the protagonist’s perspective. You have no means of defending yourself other than hiding, running, and your cunning.

  • Dungeon Randomization – No playthrough is the same. Every level, room, hall, item, scare, creature, puzzle, piece of lore is randomized. You have one chance while you are conscious to get out of the dungeon, should you fall unconscious you wake up in a cell and must attempt your escape again with everything re-randomized.

  • Dark and Brooding Original Story – Ouroboros: Prelude is a dark story of madness that takes inspiration from Alchemic, Germanic, and Renaissance era history.

  • Reactive Environment – The environment is not a static element in Ouroboros: Prelude. Nearly every object can be interacted with. Use objects to barricade doors, hide or as distractions. The environment also has a mind of its own and may change on a whim and may even try to maim you. How hard can a randomized dungeon be? When it randomly continues to change... randomly.

  • Intelligent Entities – Creatures stalk these fell halls. Their only purpose is to keep the secrets of this place hidden from you and to keep you from freedom. However, like most intelligent creatures they can be avoided or tricked if your wits are sharp.

  • Advanced Sensory System – The darkness may be oppressive but it can just as easily be your ally. Staying in the light may help you see but creatures can also see you, and it will also render you momentarily blind when you transition from light to darkness as your vision adjusts. Hiding in the darkness may increase your chances of survival… for a time. Be careful though, even if they cannot see you they may still be able to hear you - running is not always wise. If you are careful enough you can hear them before you see them and perhaps sneak around them. Even still, some other denizens of this maze are not daunted by the dark.

  • Conserve Your Light – You are trapped in a dungeon. Whoever wants you here is intending to keep you here. If you are to escape you must light the way. But be careful you do not run out of tinder or candles or you will be trapped in the dark.

  • Madness - Be careful that you do not lose yourself within the depths of this abysmal place. The more exposed you are to madness the more madness takes its hold on you.


Ouroboros: Prelude contains audio and visual elements of a disturbing nature.
Those with health conditions that are aggravated by feelings of stress, nausea, anxiety, dread, or fear may find this game difficult to play.
If any of the above is a risk towards your mental or physical health at the present moment then please reconsider playing.
You have been warned...

Take a moment and look through the HELP menu to familiarize yourself with the controls.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Including but not limited to:
-Potentially scary, disturbing, or other wise fear inducing imagery, audio, and effects.
-Violence, death, and allusions to torture.
-Madness and allusions to degradation of mental health and insanity.

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Ouroboros: Prelude - Limited Edition